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These five up-and-coming Malaysian stars aspire to become future leaders with Prudential. Take a leaf out of their book; read about their experiences and get inspired to be the best!
Winny Lum Mooi Suet
Rookie Star Camp 2, 2015 –
Topper for Northern Region
I started off as a part-time agent, skeptical on all the financial benefits and incentives trips available. Everything felt too good to be true at first glance. When I realized that everything was within my reach, I immediately converted to full-time. Today, I am working towards tougher challenges and goals. Here in Prudential, I am always motivated to strive for the next level. I’d advice new agents to stay motivated and work towards your dreams. Nothing is impossible!
Lau Hie Kiip
Rookie Star Camp 2, 2015 –
Topper East Malaysia Region
As a mother of two, I have always found it tough to adjust work life balance with my newborn baby. In Prudential, not only was I able to comfortably work with flexible hours, I’m also enjoying financial success. Working closely with my leader, I’ve learned that it is not a choice between my career and my family but instead success only comes when both ends are met. I am very thankful to him for his guidance and to Prudential for this amazing opportunity.
So Yen Fang
Rookie Star Camp 2, 2015 –
Topper for Southern Region
Joining the Entrepreneur Development Programme was the best decision I’ve made in my career. On top of the basic financing I’m receiving, there are many contests and monthly challenges, which makes them additional rewards. However, the work isn’t always smooth sailing as not everyone is receptive towards us. Nonetheless, I have always stayed persistent and confident, it is always important to have values and to stay true to it.
Mohd Najib bin Abdul Ghani
Rookie Star Camp 2, 2015 –
Topper for East Coast Region
Opportunities in Prudential are abundant. There is a large bumi market that is still relatively untapped. In fact most of the people around me do not even know what insurance is. I find it very fulfilling to educate and to help others secure their livelihood with Prudential’s A grade policies. My advice to new recruits is to study the products inside out, as it is essential that we fully comprehend everything there is to know on the products before we propose to our prospect their financial solutions.
Mohd Nasir bin Sulaiman
Rookie Star Camp 2, 2015 –
Topper for Central Region
Ever since I’ve joined Prudential, I’ve never looked back. Prudential has provided me extensive training both in classroom and on-the-job, allowing me to reach new heights that I never thought was possible. The opportunities that exist here are vast. It is up to you to take the opportunity and turn your dreams to reality.